What is The Purity Conference?

The Purity Conference also known as "TPC" was founded by Gracelyn Sorrell in 2017. "TPC" is dedicated to increasing the spiritual well-being of the mind, body, and soul. We do this through the message of Purity which is discovered and cultivated through Jesus Christ. Covering not only abstinence and physical/sexual purity, the focus is to educate others on the spiritual, psychological, and physical lifestyle that purity was created to resemble. We believe in the perfection of Jesus Christ, the process of purity, and the progression of people. We are a conference who accepts every race, gender, and background with no condemnation or judgment. It's in our blood to instill purity into the hearts of people through sharing a universal message that "Purity Is Possible".

What is Purity?

Purity is not only remaining sexually pure but also living a lifestyle that is fulfilling and pleasing to God, yourself, and others. As Gracelyn Sorrell teaches, purity is the consistent progression of the mind (mental state), body (physical health), and soul (spiritual wellbeing). With no expectation to live a perfect lifestyle, the goal is to strive for perfection which is Jesus Christ. With purity, you truly can be transformed from the inside out regardless of what happened to you, what you did to others, or what you've consistently failed at. The message remains- in a world full of impurity, Purity IS Possible.

Is purity only for Christians?

Nope! Purity is universal. Love is accessible to everyone!

Who spoke at The online Purity Conference 2019?

Gracelyn Sorrell, Mark J. The Poet, and Neil Massaro spoke for TPC 2019. With this conference being for males and females of all ages, we wanted a male (Mark & Neil) and female (Gracelyn Sorrell) perspective.


Catch Gracelyn's story here: https://www.foxnews.com/health/chicago-woman-addicted-to-porn-says-god-helped-cure-her


A bit about Gracelyn Sorrell: Public Speaker Gracelyn Sorrell born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL shares a unique, captivating message. From the inspiration and knowledge of her savior Jesus Christ, Gracelyn has decided to devote her life to purity at a young age. Inspired by her mother at just 16 years old, Gracelyn decided to say “yes” to living a pure lifestyle. Not fully aware of what this lifestyle truly meant at the time- there were many obstacles and daily questions as to what her purpose in life was. Due to long inspirational Snapchat stories, many requested Gracelyn to begin creating content and sharing relationship and lifestyle advice. In the process of discovering purpose-  Gracelyn developed a love for people, giving, mentoring, and uplifting hearts. Gracelyn then became a YouTuber in April 2016 with now over 28,000 views. Soon after, she became a radio show co-host, podcaster, blogger, author of "The Purity Posture" and conference host all at ages 17-18. Gracelyn is currently pursuing full-time ministry and in preparation of the Exclusive Purity Conference on June 23rd, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. As this 19-year-old purity advocate expands with events, community involvement, and mentorship, she needs everyone to know that in a world full of impurity that “Purity Is Possible”.


A bit about Mark J The Poet: Weaved into his performances is his raw story of freedom from an addiction to pornography. From this freedom a new passion stems beyond spoken word and music. As one who has personally walked down the alleys of addiction to pornography Mark J is able to relate to and inspire many others affected by this epidemic. Mark writes"I can’t count how many times I have been approached by folks battling the cycle of sexual addiction as I was. Many of them trust me to be the first person they talk with openly about it - pretty amazing if you’d ask me. This is my heartbeat: to see people understand their value and live in freedom as God intended."


To learn more, visit MarkJThePoet.com: https://www.markjthepoet.com/about-mark-j


A bit about Neil: Neil Massaro has such a heart for people. "In my athletic career as a distance runner, as well as a public figure, I acquired the movement Beyond Capable," Neil said, "encouraging both myself and the people around me, that in a relationship with Jesus, we can do exceedingly above all we ever thought was possible of ourselves." 

It has become appallingly obvious that humanity is struggling in a broken world. "Many people fail to see their full potential as a result of a societal value we feel the need to live up too," Neil Explained. Seeing this influenced Neil's decision to choose the theme “Beyond Capable," encouraging people to exceed the limits society sets on them. https://www.neilmassaro.org/





What is this years theme and why?

This year's Purity Conference Theme is "Purity Over Porn" tackling the ins and outs of how to conquer not only sexual impurity but specifically the stronghold of pornography and masturbation addiction or consumption. Don't be nervous! It's nothing to be nervous or embarrassed about. Gracelyn Sorrell, Mark J the Poet and Neil Massaro share their tips and process on how they conquered porn addiction. Gracelyn also discusses the first steps to living a pure lifestyle and breaking off the shame that you may feel from your past and present. Register for the replay today!

Who is The Purity Conference for?

The Purity Conference caters to the human race. With no restrictions to background, upbringing, past situations, age, or race- we know that purity is a universal message that we could all use, young and old.

How will The Online Purity Conference 2019 work? 

The Purity Conference 2019 will be a little different this year! We are hosting online so that you can watch from wherever you are. As soon as you register for the conference, you will receive an email with your ticket confirmation and step-by-step details as to what you need to do next! 


The Online Purity Conference will be held via ZOOM which is a conference/webinar hosting platform. You will receive an email including the link that you need in order to join us for the replay of the online conference. With this link, you will then be joining us at the virtual conference replay! We encourage you to give us your feedback following the conference!



Why is there a fee?

Why are we charging for this conference? Well, this is a ministry. Ministry is a lifestyle but ministry is also work. As we continue to donate, give back, and invest in the ministry- we need more to DO more. As you invest in yourself through sign-ups, purchases, and questions, our job is to ensure your consistent growth through more webinars, conferences, events, mentorship sessions. We will never take advantage of the seed sown into our ministry nor do we charge for every function. We are led by Christ and very integral. We pray over every seed and soul that desires growth through this ministry. 


We want to thank you in advance for not only contributing to the growth of "All Things Purity" Movement but more importantly to the progression of purity in your heart and lifestyle. 

Why Purity?

Purity is the key to heaven! The Bible says in Matthew 5:8, "Blessed are the PURE in heart for they SHALL see God" We want to see you in heaven!

How can I support?

1) Sign up for The Purity Community (It's Free!)

2) Donate to the movement and ministry

3) Join The Purity Crew (Volunteer)


4) Follow us everywhere! @ThePurityConference @ThePurityCommunity @GracelynSorrell


5) Book Gracelyn to speak! 


6) Share our site and message with friends and family! 

When will Gracelyn be near me?

Book Gracelyn using the booking tab! 

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