Gracelyn Sorrell


As seen on Fox News, Daily Mail TV, MSN, and more, Public Speaker Gracelyn Sorrell born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL shares a unique, captivating message.


From the inspiration and knowledge of her savior Jesus Christ, Gracelyn has decided to devote her life to purity at a young age. Inspired by her mother at just 16 years old, Gracelyn decided to say “yes” to living a pure lifestyle. Not fully aware of what this lifestyle truly meant at the time- there were many obstacles and daily questions as to what her purpose in life was.


Due to long inspirational Snapchat stories, many requested Gracelyn to begin creating content and sharing relationship and lifestyle advice. In the process of discovering purpose- Gracelyn developed a love for people, giving, mentoring, and uplifting hearts. Gracelyn then became a YouTuber in April 2016 with now over 62,000 views knowing that EVERY soul matters. Soon after, she became a radio show co-host, podcaster, blogger and conference host all at ages 17-18.


Gracelyn is currently pursuing full-time entrepreneurship as the Creator of The Intentional Way Course, Founder of The Purity Co. (@ThePurityCo) which exists to create content, host conferences (@ThePurityConference), and cultivate community.


As this young 21-year-old purity advocate expands with events, community involvement, and mentorship, she needs everyone to know that in a world full of impurity that “Purity Is Possible”.

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